19 April 2018

Silicones in podiatry: differential hardness

In podiatrics the hardness of a silicone is expressed in Shores, the higher the Shore the harder the silicone obtained by polymerisation. The use of silicones […]
12 April 2018

Poly-addition siloncones and Condensation silicones compared

Silicone polymers consist of the repetition of hundreds or thousands of the same or chemically similar molecular units that are called monomers. A large number of […]
3 April 2018
Controlling environment bacterias

Microbial contaminations in Medical Podiatry: a problem to be solved

Podolife attended the 4th World Congress for Podology and Podiatry, held in Naples on April 27-29 2018, and presented a workshop entitled “The microbiological risk in […]
29 March 2018
silicone orthosis prototype

What is an interdigital orthosis? Why is it used?

An interdigital orthosis is a medical device that is custom-made by the Specialist Podiatrist, the main purpose of which is to change the relationship between the […]
22 June 2017
Diabetic foot plant with toe amputation

Diabetic foot syndrome: symptoms and preventive treatment

More than 25% of people with type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus develop foot problems during their lifetime. The pathology also affects the peripheral nervous system […]
22 June 2017
Stiff big toe ("Hallux rigidus") in foreground

Hallux Rigidus: causes, symptoms and treatment

This is an arthritic problem with gradual destruction of the joint cartilage. The pathology is very debilitating as the big toe is not only used for […]
22 June 2017
vaurs fifth toe

Varus fifth toe: causes, symptoms and treatment

Varus fifth toe is a deformity of the foot in which there is a hyperextension of the metatarsophalangeal joint in the fifth toe with a deviation […]
22 June 2017
Foot with claw toe (claw toe)

Claw toe: symptoms, causes and treatment

Claw toe is evident when the metatarsophalangeal joint dorsiflexes and only subsequently is there flexion of the proximal and distal interphalangeal joint. It is very often […]