moreTime saving


Preset dosage: preparing the silicone is made easier by the precision of the dosage.
Hardness: the rigid and reticular structure created by polymerisation of the two monomers makes the milling stage easier, preventing breakage and allowing the orthosis to last longer.


moreCustomer Loyalty

Customised:the strong compatibility and synergy of the materials used allows orthoses of different hardness to be created.
Biocompatible and Non-toxic: the high biocompatibility and stability of the components prevents the risk of allergies, irritations or systemic toxicity.



No oil separation: the high quality of the components prevents the disadvantage of the mineral oils separating from the silicone.
Safe: it is a certified medical device, subjected to numerous tests and analyses that guarantee its quality.
Hygiene: the single-dose blister offers a practical use and prevents the product contamination risk.





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