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How to use PODIKON® correctly

Protective silicone orthoses

Mild clawed toe with pain in the dorso of the first interphalangeal joint of the second toe
Rigid clawed big toe with painful callus in the first metatarsophalangeal joint
Dislocated second toe, rigid with subkeratotic hematoma, painful around the first interphalangeal joint
Deep heloma on the side of the fifth toe
Clawed second, third and fourth toe with pain in the dorsal intherphalangeal joint
Callus caused by conflict on the outside of the fifth toe and callus on the interphalangeal joint of the fourth toe
1° orthosis: Dislocated second toe, painful with recurrent heloma between the fourth and fifth toes, 2° orthosis: Mild clawed third and fourth toes with apical callus
Pain in the second and third toes due to hammer toe
Deep heloma on the inside of the fifth toe

Corrective silicone orthoses

1° orthosis: Clawed fourth toe, apical callus and pain on the dorsal interphalangeal joint, 2° orthosis: Subkeratotic hematoma of the third toe with remediable hammer toe
1° orthosis: Hallux valgus with rigidity of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, 2° orthosis: Hallux valgus with bursitis in the first metatarsophalangeal joint
Subluxation of the second and fourth metatarsophalangeal joint
Mild valgus deformity of the big toe and second clawed toe with mild hyperkeratosis due to friction
Hyperextension of the first toe with apical hyperkeratosis and subunguaI pain
Hammer third toe with apical hyperkeratosis
Dislocated fourth toe with painful callus on the corresponding interphalangeal joint
Fourth toe pushed under the third with painful subungual onychophosis

Replacement silicone orthoses

Diabetic patient, second toe amputated