Podolife is the Epitech project dedicated to foot welfare.

Thanks to modulation pharmacology which emulates the body’s natural defence mechanisms, Epitech aims to remedy the main problems affecting feet due to dermo-epidermal hyper-reactivity phenomena that cause pain, itchiness, swelling and structural alterations to the skin and nails.

Foot pathologies can be caused by certain conditions of loading on the feet, bad posture, external traumatic episodes or dysmetabolic conditions such as diabetes. If left untreated, such conditions can have serious negative repercussions on the individual’s daily quality of life, even limiting personal autonomy, especially in the elderly; dealing with them is therefore “essential for personal health and wellbeing”.

The Podolife Project is designed to give the Foot the central role it deserves in the medical sector and to remedy foot pathologies by means of modulation pharmacology (or tissue hyper-reactivity).

It is specifically dedicated to the treatment of pathologies such as: diabetic foot syndrome, geriatric syndrome and those regarding the nail apparatus, but has also demonstrated its efficacy for problems concerning sportsman’s foot.



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