Varus fifth toe: causes, symptoms and treatment

vaurs fifth toe

Varus fifth toe is a deformity of the foot in which there is a hyperextension of the metatarsophalangeal joint in the fifth toe with a deviation of the toe leaning inwards. The fifth toe rotates inwards towards the other toes and an annoying swelling develops on the side which makes deambulation, wearing shoes and normal walking all very difficult.

What are the causes and the symptoms of varus fifth toe?

The origin of this pathology is in most cases congenital and can affect the soft tissues, the skin or the bone. In terms of the symptoms, there will be a deformity accompanied by pain and motor difficulties.

Treatment of varus fifth toe

Conservative methods (taping, physical treatment or physiotherapy) and/or the use of personalised silicone protective orthoses are the first line therapy. If the varus fifth toe condition is underestimated and not suitably treated by the specialist it will be necessary to resort to surgical correction which can be accomplished by means of percutaneous procedures