PODIKON 35 Shore

Podikon 35 Shore is suitable for fabricating corrective orthoses or orthoses subject to considerable movement and pressure such as for sports applications. Because of its hardness, not only is it easily shaped with a grinding tool, but also thicknesses of just a few millimetres can be obtained for more precise orthoses.

A poly-addition silicone Medical Device (polyvinyl siloxane with a platinum hardener) that is totally non-toxic and highly biocompatible for making replacement foot orthoses that require particular structural strength.

Final hardness 35 Shore A.
Easily shaped using a grinding tool.


  • 3 x 5g base single doses + 3 x 5g hardener single doses.
  • 24 x 5g base single doses + 24 x 5g hardener single doses.

The single dose packaging allows for hygienically correct handling of the two components (identical quantities of the Base and Hardener). Mix the due components together for 30 seconds (maximum 1 minute) until a plastic mass of a fully uniform colour is obtained with no streaking whatsoever. N.B. Bear in mind that silicone hardening can be inhibited by the use of latex gloves. Wearing vinyl gloves is recommended, or carefully washed hands that are then dried completely before handling, in order to prevent all traces of unwanted substances.
PODIKON® silicone materials are guaranteed for a period of 36 months from the date of manufacture stated on the primary container, if stored at a temperature of between +5°C and +30°C. The orthoses made with the different PODIKON® products must be kept at room temperature and can be washed normally with soap and water.
Shaping the orthoses
The orthoses can be worked for a period of no longer than 2 minutes from when the components have been fully mixed together.
Hardening time
The hardening process will be complete (hardening level in excess of 98%) within 5-6 minutes from when the components have been fully mixed together. The orthosis can then be removed around 3 minutes after being applied.
Orthoses made with PODIKON®, depending on the type, can be ground with a milling tool just 10 minutes after the components have been mixed together. The orthosis can be permanently worn by the Patient just 10 minutes after milling. The times stated are for a temperature of 23°C. Higher temperatures will shorten the hardening time; lower temperatures will lengthen it.
Mixing ratio
Base: Hardener = 1 : 1 Store at a temperature of between +5°C and +30°C.




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